How the Huddl Referral Program Helps You Earn More

Huddl, founded by former Blackrock executives, is the first platform that turns your social network into an investment network. It unlocks access to premium products and services that have only been available to the wealthy. At Huddl, social is everything. That’s why we created a referral program that will help you, your family, and your friends start a journey toward a better financial future.

We are excited to announce our Founding Member Referral Program!

The Founding Member Referral Program rewards users who refer new users to Huddl — you’ll earn Huddl tokens every time you refer a new member. It all starts when you sign up on Once you sign up, you will be provided a unique link* that you can use to earn even more tokens:

  • Invite friends to join Huddl
  • Follow Huddl on social media
  • Share Huddl on your social media feeds

As the preferred form of payment on the Huddl platform, reward tokens can significantly reduce platform fees while allowing you numerous opportunities to earn even more. Further discounts and bonuses are available when your tokens have been held for a certain period of time.

The more friends you refer to Huddl, the more tokens you earn. But you aren’t the only one who wins: for every person you refer, you will receive 10 tokens, and they will receive 10 tokens as well. You can earn another 10 tokens when you connect your social accounts with Huddl.

No Limits — on the number of referrals you can bring in.

250,000+ bonus tokens — tiered among the top 10, 100 and 1,000 referrers

Start today and secure your spot among the top 1000.

We will continue to roll out additional benefits for our Founding Members, so stay tuned.

Huddl up!

Visit to sign up and learn more.

*All actions need to be performed using your unique Huddl link to be eligible to earn tokens. Earned tokens will be awarded to users who open a Basic Huddl account, and remain active for at least 30 days. Terms and conditions of the Referral Program can be found here.