There’s a lot of risk involved in global capital markets. As such, over the years, well-intentioned bureaucrats have established laws and regulations to protect the less affluent or knowledgeable. From the perspective of lawmakers and top-tier investors, these rules are like the safety rails placed on treacherous mountain trails to prevent a fall over a sheer drop.

To the rest of us, they serve as a toll booth barring entry from not only the mountain but the entire national park.

If you’ve been trying to break into investing, you’ll quickly find that the playing field is anything but level, with the affluent receiving exclusive financial services that should ideally be available to all. But Huddl believes in the ideal; working together, we can achieve it.

A Market Divided: The Haves and the Have Nots

In order to succeed in the financial market, you need more than a can-do attitude and tolerance for risk. You’re going to need help. With all of the regulations in place, you’ll need guidance from qualified advisors in navigating the terrain without upsetting any law. You’ll need special insight into which investments are most reliable, provided by people with years of experience and certifications.

None of these services come cheap. The price of protecting the underdog has been to increase the difficulty of working in the market, therefore raising the actual cost of doing so. In most cases, only the largest organizations or richest individuals can afford the advisory services necessary to succeed in the market. So the rich get richer, and the rest stay where they are or else enter and fail miserably.

Not only that, but options traditionally available to the public are decreasing. According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, public stock markets are shrinking. Since hitting a peak in 1996, the number of publicly listed companies in the US has declined by roughly 50 percent, and other countries are following suit. Again, you can thank the high number of regulations, as companies prefer to remain private and not deal with the regulatory burdens and investment pressures that come with the public marketplace.

So what does that mean for you, the mainstream investor? It means you must discover ways to gain access to exclusive investment opportunities and specialized services typically only available to the wealthy and obtain vital financial education in order to make informed investments. It means you have to work harder just to climb the same mountain.

Or, you can team up with Huddl.

The Huddl Solution

Individually, retail investors don’t have enough capital to catch the attention of high-quality investment advisors or to access elite investment options and products. As a group, though, they can have it all. Huddl provides a platform on which everyday investors can organize — be it by family, friends, workplace, or common interest — to pool their money together. Together, they can use their collective buying power to obtain access to those once unreachable investment options.

Further, Huddl takes care of all administrative responsibilities and legal obligations for you, leaving you to focus solely on organizing your investment pods and getting to work; we ensure that you’re in the clear. And as a Huddl user, you gain access to our team of financial advisors, so you can always be confident in your investment decisions.

Our approach to leveling the playing field depends in part on assembling people hungry for investment opportunities. As such, we want to make sure you know about our Founding Member Referral Program.

For every person you refer, you and your referral each receive 10 Huddl tokens — which can be used to offset platform fees and unlock numerous premium features — plus an additional 10 tokens when you connect your other social accounts with Huddl. In addition to our standard rewards, 250,000+ bonus tokens are tiered among the top 10, 100 and 1,000 referrers.

For too long, the financial market has been the exclusive territory of the already rich. With Huddl, we can break through barriers and make it what it should be: a free for all. Together, we can take the mountain.

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